Numerous people need to increase their hair growth and thickness. It is of nothing unexpected to realize that your hair develops 0.5 inches each month and 6 inches each year. In this way, it implies that they can develop effectively. Yet hair development relies upon certain elements like genetics, diet, and age. You cannot control your genes and age. But you can surely have control of your diet, there are some foods to increase hair growth.

Be that as it may, one thing you can have command over is your eating regimen. What you eat strongly affects your hair development and thickness. Diet assumes a huge job in order to maintain healthy skin and healthy hair. Aside from keeping up different parts of body diet for healthy, thick, and soft hair is also important.

So, this article is here to help you out and reach some of the right foods which will help you increase hair growth and thickness. Let us see what are these.

Foods to Increase Hair Growth

1.    Eggs, the Best Source of Protein

Your hair is comprised of protein. Along these lines, it is important to guarantee that your hair is getting the most extreme measures of protein. So, as to look sparkling solid and thick. Eggs are a rich source of protein as well as biotin. These are the supplements that give quick hair development. Hair follicles are made up of protein.


A lack of protein in the eating regimen may stop your hair to develop and furthermore gives you hair loss, which you definitely don’t need. In this way, it is encouraged to add a few proteins to your diet as is it one of the healthy foods to increase hair growth and you will see a major difference.

2.    Fatty Fish

Discussing some more nutrients. Including some omega-3 fatty acids to your eating regimen is also one of the brilliant foods to increase hair growth which advances quick hair development. Unsaturated fats are useful for heart, skin, hair, and eyes. Thus, adding some to your eating routine won’t hurt you. Presently you should ponder which foods contain this omega-3.


Without any doubt, fatty fish is one of the best sources out there. Fatty fish like salmon, herring, and mackerel provide some major nutrients which help in fast hair growth. It can boost your hair health and you can see a visible difference.

Apart from this eating fish can improve your heart health as well and also saves you from other chronic diseases. So, adding this to your diet is a great idea.

3.    Spinach

Some more foods to increase hair growth that can work wonders for you is the spinach. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables provide you with a lot of iron which is again a great from of growing hair fast. Because with other nutrients iron is also an essential element for hair growth.


Aside from iron spinach likewise gives numerous nourishments for example vitamins A and C. They all advance hair development. It is also an excellent plant-based product of iron. Iron causes red platelets to convey oxygen all through the body. So, start eating spinach today and make your hair and body sound and solid.

4.    Greek Yogurt

While talking about some amazing foods. Greek yogurt is also one of the foods to increase hair growth. It is a protein-rich food that Greeks are eating for thousands of years. As it provides them many nutritional benefits.


It has probiotics properties that help you absorb nutrients and you feel active. Alongside it contains vitamin B5 which helps to maintain healthy skin and healthy hair.

5.    Brazil Nuts

Brazil nut is also one of the foods out there which helps you grow healthy and long hair fast. Brazil nuts are a source of selenium. It is basically a mineral that improves hair growth.  So, trying some brazil nuts can help you a lot as it is one of the amazing foods to increase hair growth

But it is to keep in mind that access to selenium can cause hair loss as well. It also causes nausea and other skin problems. So, keep in mind not to exceed.

6.    Berries

While talking about some natural vitamins and nutrients to grow long and healthy hair. You cannot skip berries. Such as strawberries which are a great source of vitamin C. it is important to know that vitamin C provides antioxidants properties. And prevent hair follicles to damage from free radicals that are present naturally in our body and environment. So, adding some vitamin C foods to increase hair growth is also a great way to promote healthy hair growth.


Also, vitamin C is a great source of producing collagen which is great for strengthening hair. It also prevents them from breaking.

7.    Citrus Fruits

As talked about it in the last point that vitamin C is an incredible source to assimilate iron. You can get vitamin C normally from citrus natural products like lemon, grapefruits, tomatoes, and from numerous others. One lime for each day is sufficient to get your everyday portion of vitamin C, and is also considered one of the healthy foods to increase hair growth


Add some in the chilled water and you are good to go. Apart from this, you can also have some grapefruits which can also work best for you.

8.    Avocados

Avocados are such a wonder foods to increase hair growth. Avocados are a fruit rich in vitamin E. They help to improve blood circulation in the body. It also helps the follicles to strengthen and to work efficiently which promotes hair growth. Vitamin E also


maintains oils and pH levels in the body. So, all in all, avocados are a great source of vitamin E. You can add it to your diet. Have them in breakfast or salads and you are good to go.

9.    Have Some Pulses

For the most part pulses such as beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas are palatable seeds. All of these are solid nourishments based on plants. It gives you ample fiber and protein and it makes you complete.


An incredible thing about them is they are economical so you can get them effectively. It gives nutritional advantages and lifts hair development.


This article explained some of the foods that help you grow your hair quickly to the fullest. They are all-natural and are not going to harm you. Foods as explained above, such as eggs, spinach, fatty acids, Greek yogurt, and many others. All have a ton of nutritional advantages.

It provides you enough protein, iron selenium, omega-3 fatty acids. They all boost fast hair growth and strengthen your hair. Making them long, shiny, and soft.

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